Jemblade Rottweilers are situated in Geelong,Victoria.We are members of The Rottweiler Club of Victoria and Dogs Vic.
As we are only a small establishment we only breed from our dogs on a very limited basis. We pride ourselves on quality not quantity!!!!

Our main aim is to produce sound Rottweilers with correct temperaments.All our breeding stock comply with the Rottweiler Club Of Victoria and Dogs Vic breeding requirements and regulations.
Most of the puppies go to family homes, so we raise them inside our house with lots of interaction from other Rottweilers,a cat and our grandchildren,not to mention the constant stream of visitors.
The Rottweiler is not a breed for everyone, as they are a very strong willed,determined dog.So unless you have the time,energy and determination to train and socialize this breed,think again, choose another breed or get a cat.
There is so much to consider when choosing a Rottweiler,therefore it is close to impossible to cover it all here,so please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Some of our litters